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For general issues & comments please contact us in
Geneva, Switzerland:
+ 41 22 594 85 12
For all business issues and specific questions please
contact your relevant local area consultant
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  • Hybrid Capital, Recapitalization

  • Debt Capital & Equity Capital

  • Strategic Capital Raising, Loans, Leasing

  • Fiduciary Services
  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Management Buyout
  • Hostile Takeover
  • Business Capital
  • Startups
  • Startup Programs
  • Back to Back LC
  • Credit insurance
  • Risk Management
  • Factoring
  • Mergers & Acquisitions



Although every reasonable
effort is made to present current
and accurate information,
we make no guarantees
of any kind. No representation or guarantee can be made
as to the correctness or suitability
of information presented,
referenced, or implied.

Asistenta pentru antreprenori,
investitori interesati sa deschida propria afacere,
sa preia afaceri sau
sa dezvolte afaceri deja existente
· Proiectarea, ingineria investitiei si managmentul implementarii,
· Analiza preliminara a riscului,
· Consultanta privind intocmirea documentatiei de finantare,
· Asistenta la negocieri,
· Asistenta la licitatii pentru selectarea furnizorilor de servicii,
bunuri si lucrari, conform legislatiei în vigoare,
conform ghidului, uzantelor specifice si
recomadarilor de finantare,
· Activitati de consultanta pentru afaceri si management,
· Intocmire documentatie pentru proiecte de investitii în cadrul
Programelor de Finantare,
· Intocmirea rectificarilor la documentatie urmare a modificarilor
tehnico economice a investitiei, a conditiilor pietei, a mediului de afaceri,
ori de cate ori este cazul,

· Asistenta la achizitii,

· Asistenta la plati,

Procedura este cat se poate de clara si directa. Vom determina daca exista posibile solutii in timpul unei discutii telefonice, a unei analize preliminare a informatiilor si documentatiei existente.

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sunati la:


Contact local: 0720.431.333

International: +40.720.431.333

Attract capital, in various forms,
investment, financing, loans and
specific programs,
securing with bank tools and
protect against financial risk of
international trade & investment transactions
· Recapitalization, hybrid capital, to support the ownership transition
and business strategies of our clients.
· Raising capital in the private markets
· We advise companies to help them identify and evaluate
strategic alternatives in order to maximize shareholder value
· Fiduciary services and more for deals where you need a trusted third party to handle payments, help you structure a deal, a fiduciary. Low cost.
Attorney supported and major bank execution.
· Capital formation, capital raising activities and general corporate finance advice.
· Start-ups, middle market mergers and acquisitions, vertical and horizontal structure of the company, management and monitoring of management
· We manage international transactions in connection with
the group international affiliate network and in addition,
originate and execute domestic transactions to assist shareholders
and capital providers accomplish objectives.
· Preventive analysis of the company's operating procedures
in order to detect tax, assessment and recovery of tax credits, tax planning, preparation of special procedures, consultations
and further guidance on business issues and payment of taxes.
· Our principle capital raising projects include:

                               Placement of Debt Capital: Including variable-rate, fixed-rate, senior, subordinated, mortgage-backed, and collateralized.

                                   Placement of Equity Capital: Including common stock, preferred stock, and convertible securities.
· The goal is to provide excellent service guiding you
through the transaction process from contract negotiation to closing.
· Our group is committed to providing the highest level of service
to its clients with an emphasis on honesty, integrity and confidentiality.
· We find the best possible match for your business
to enable you to cut your operating costs.

For a preliminary review call:


Several independent agents and consultants, located near you, may provide
direct assistance in certain countries and territories:


Please feel free to contact us in order to make an appointment
in a convenient location.



Pentru o analiza preliminara

sunati la: 0720.431.333

  • Capital deschidere afaceri noi

  • Nerambursabila, Grant,

  • Credite, inclusiv startup,

  • Alternativa, investitii directe

  • Fonduri nerambursabile

  • Imprumuturi, Programe diverse

  • Fonduri de investitii

  • Capital de risc

  • Business Angels

  • Creditare comerciala

  • Sale & Lease Back

  • Bridge Loans

  • Fonduri Uniunea Europeana

  • Leasing

  • Garantii pentru credite

  • Dezvoltare afaceri

  • Preluari afaceri, firme

  • Preluari cladiri, bunuri, active