Garanta Consulting
A member of Garanta International Group
For general issues & comments please contact us in
Geneva, Switzerland:
+ 41 22 594 85 12
For all business issues and specific questions please
contact your relevant local area consultant
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  • Hybrid Capital, Recapitalization

  • Debt Capital & Equity Capital

  • Strategic Capital Raising, Loans, Leasing

  • Fiduciary Services
  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Management Buyout
  • Hostile Takeover
  • Business Capital
  • Startups
  • Startup Programs
  • East & Central Europe Fund
  • Indonesia Equity Fund
  • China Growth Fund
  • Global Real Estate Fund
  • Global Energy Fund
  • Global Resources Fund
  • Global Equity Fund
  • Global Startup Fund
  • South Central Europe Fund
  • Bulgaria Equity Fund
  • Romania Growth Fund
  • Romania Equity Fund
  • Poland Growth Fund
  • Hungary Balanced Fund
  • Russia Energy Fund
  • Russia Resources Fund
  • Russia Equity Fund
  • Russia Startup Fund
  • Back to Back LC
  • Specific Plans
  • Premium Solutions
  • Energy
  • Real Estate
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Trading
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Car Fleet
  • Infastructure
  • Power Generation
  • Credit insurance
  • Risk Management
  • Factoring
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Although every reasonable effort is made to present current and
accurate information, we make no guarantees of any kind.
No representation or guarantee can be made
as to the correctness or suitability
of information presented, referenced, or implied.
Please, do not ask us to look for a job for you, to look for investors,
or to sell your products, unless the activity
can be tied to something we do. Searches involve time,
qualifying potential clients you may
accept or not (while maybe you are shopping around) and
selling you to potential investors, employers or potential clients.
Although from time to time we do make special deals,
we have no intention of losing money by allocating
productive time (that is very limited) doing
the above or other work on a
contingency basis. Our fee is 800 EUR / 1000 USD per hour,
minimum 25 hours retainer, paid in advance.


Several independent agents and consultants, located near you,
may provide direct assistance in certain countries and territories:


Please feel free to contact us in order to make an appointment
in a convenient location.


  • Capital for Start-ups

  • Grants,

  • Loans, including Startups

  • Alternative, Direct Investments

  • Funds of Funds

  • Loans, Specific Plans

  • Investment Funds

  • Venture Capital

  • Business Angels

  • Commercial Loans

  • Sale & Lease Back

  • Bridge Loans

  • European Union Funds

  • Leasing

  • Guarantees for Loans

  • Business Development

  • Business Acquisitions

  • Capital Trading

  • Sale of Business

  • Development Strategy

  • Capital Markets

  • Sales Financing

  • Business Acquisitions

  • Real Estate