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Although every reasonable
effort is made to present current
and accurate information,
we make no guarantees
of any kind. No representation or guarantee can be made
as to the correctness or suitability
of information presented,
referenced, or implied.


 It happens everyday.
Well-prepared entrepreneurs
are walking into the banks
with brilliant business ideas
with well developed business plans — and
are walking out empty-handed.
Many of these professionals are ultimately able to obtain financing from a private lender through
business capital consultants.
For individuals who do not want to give up
a certain percentage ownership in the business
as is often required by venture capitalist
and deal with the angel investors
who may demand a board position or
significant day-to-day control,
the private lender may be
an alternative worth considering.
On the whole private lenders are looking
for the same information and
will conduct a similar due diligence
as the banks to make
a positive funding decision.
They are looking for
great business ideas,
at the right time,
with an airtight business plan,
that includes contingency scenarios
and realistic forecasts,
backed by experienced and professional people
with some financial stake in the business.
However, most private lenders are “specialists”
who engage in higher risk ventures
because they clearly understand both the
opportunity and risk associated
with selected business types or market segments.
Private lenders will not only fund project the banks rejects,
they will creatively structure loan repayment and sometimes
be a helpful resource.


Capital for

Business Development


We assist in securing capital and
appropriate financing
to fund growth and acquisitions, as well as
refinancing existing debt obligations.
Using our extensive experience,
we seek to achieve the most reasonable
cost for our clients
in conjunction with future operating and
financial flexibility.
As a member of Garanta International Group of Companies, with presence in strategically selected countries and territories, on five continents, we have access to very specialized services, observing the strictest confidentiality and discretion, highly effective, providing support for successful projects.
Our engagement process is straightforward and streamlined. We review your current documentation, interview you over the telephone and discuss your project internally and with cooperative professionals to determine possible solutions.
We understand the importance of undertaking such a transaction and become an advocate for your business. Our dedicated professionals are committed to ensuring a thorough process, with the highest degree of integrity.

Several independent agents and consultants, located near you, may provide direct assistance in certain countries and territories:


Please feel free to contact us in order to make an appointment
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